anna kharita
Akashic Method Master - Uncovering and working with root causes, fears, and limiting beliefs
Specialist in Vedic Psychology and Astrology - Unveiling potential, talents, and purpose
Certified Transgenerational Psychologist - Addressing intergenerational traumas passed down through generations
Energy Practitioner - Reading information and states from individuals. Working with the subconscious and belief systems
Writer - I channel all my knowledge into transformative books and poetry
Certified International Yoga Teacher - Healing of the Body and Philosophy of the Soul
Specialist in Ancestral Work - Transmitting Sacred Practices and Traditions to Women for Strengthening and Healing Their Lineage
Vastu Expert and Teacher of Vedic Sacred Architecture - Building Homes of Power

about me

I graduated with honors from SPbGMTU, majoring in Financial Management within the Economics Department
I successfully advanced in the business world and my career: starting 2003, I worked in finance; at 22, I became a chief accountant; and by 24, I became a partner in a growing trading company, taking on the role of its financial director for over a decade.
Along with my work, I pursued the practice of Yoga and delved into Vedic knowledge. Eventually, I immersed myself in energy practices.
Currently, I work with individuals and groups, conducting online sessions, practices, and lectures on topics related to subconscious work, soul, body, and personality development.
Guided by philosophical beliefs, I left the business world and, a year later, completely transformed my life by traveling to India to teach and share knowledge.
My true journey began with the practice of Yoga in 2010. After 7 years, I completed a teaching course in Russia and then an international course at the Himalayan Academy in Rishikesh. I delved into the fundamentals of Ayurveda under the guidance of the renowned Pandit and Vedacharya, Dr. David Frawley, who is also an Ayurvedic doctor, astrologer, and the founder of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Later, in Central India, I studied Vaishnavism and Advaita Vedanta philosophy.
I apply all this accumulated knowledge for myself and others, aiming to guide people to live their lives fully and happily, aligned with their purpose. During my consultations, I realized my desire to enhance my speaking and writing skills to inspire and motivate people more effectively. I attended courses by internationally acclaimed speakers such as Lisa Nichols, as well as courses on speech and the power of words by Vladimir Pozner, a TV host, writer, and journalist.
As a supplementary tool to assist people in overcoming challenging life situations and fulfilling their purpose, I utilize my knowledge of Jyotish Vedic Astrology, obtained from Rami Bleckt and Kali Shankara. I dedicated considerable time to studying Vastu in various schools, comparing methodologies and correction techniques, including the London Academy for space analysis and diagnostics, Dr. Sahasrabudhe's School of Corrections, and teachings from Vedic Architect Ganapati Sthapati's disciple, Michael Borden. I was always intrigued by human potential, leading me to energy practices.
In Northern India, I obtained two Reiki degrees at the Himalayan Center and practiced and studied integrative subconscious work under Anna Matar. I delved into unconscious processes and methods of managing them through hypnomeditation under Marisa Peer, a leading British hypnotherapist. For a year, I studied energy practices under Daoist Master Dmitry Lapshinov in his unique system. In 2022, I received the Dalai Lama's blessing for a sacred practice.
In my exploration of obstacles to human happiness, I delved into Psychology and subconscious work. I attended lectures by Dr. Shamanov on subconscious work. I underwent a year of mentoring under Rami Bleckt in Eastern psychology and authentic spirituality.
I learned from Vladimir Drevs on the "Fragments of Childhood Trauma" course. I absorbed numerous lectures by renowned psychotherapist Ekaterina Sokalskaya. Later, I underwent advanced training at the Moscow Institute in the field of Transgenerational Analysis, exploring the impact of childhood traumatic events (PTSD and CPTSD) on adult life, as well as the emergence and management of psychosomatic and chronic pain under Dr. Pavel Goldstein."
my certificates