Homes of the Future

Architecture Based on Ancient Vedic Knowledge
Without Rituals and Ceremonies
We are a reflection of our Universe
In the Universe everything is cyclical. Slowly and gradually we return to what we once left behind. Homes of the future are those that are in harmony with nature and the energies of the planet. They are constructed according to the laws of not only the physical (material) world but also the subtle (energetic) realm.
Denying the influence of the subtle plane on our bodies is futile. Ignorance is a relic of the past. The future belongs to knowledge. How we think and live our lives is influenced by the energies around us. Therefore, a home directly affects our subconscious, and consequently, our life. And even more, it impacts ALL areas of our life.

A home can be filled with auspicious energy, serving as a resourceful place. However, it can also become a space where life energy, resources, and opportunities are drained.


I specialize exclusively in the reconstruction and construction of houses in alignment with your natal chart.
I do not work with apartments. Through years of experience, I've found that adjusting apartments is not as effective as initially building a home according to Vastu principles. While adjustments can yield results, they won't be as profound as a Vastu-compliant design. If you're still interested in apartment adjustments, I can provide contacts of my students who offer those services.
Currently, I'm not offering training and I'm not selling recordings of past courses. I'm in the process of adapting ancient knowledge to the modern era. Once this adaptation is complete and in alignment with the new energy level of humanity, I will create a course and announce it. In the meantime, I'm working on an individual basis.