Anna kharita

Personal consultation

For the past 13 years, I have been practicing, working on myself and my energy, evolving, and learning. Through Akashic Records, Vedic astrology, Transgenerational and Vedic psychology I can assist you to get aware of your fears, to identify your limiting beliefs and overcome the obstacles that hinder you from following your soul's path.


60 - 90 min
*Have to know time, place and date of birth
Assisting in Consciousness Transformation
Training for a new state required for living in the New Era
Easing anxiety, restoring lightness and joy to life
Addressing fears and root causes that obstruct the soul's journey
In-depth work on inquiries using all available tools at my disposal


4 sessions 60-90 min each
+ Personal Text and Audio Support in Telegram
Using Akashic Records and Astrology to address inquiries
Diagnosing cause-and-effect connections
Revealing the root causes of issues and providing solutions
Determining life purpose, limiting beliefs and fears
Guiding out of stagnant situations
Identifying strengths, talents and areas that need to improve
*after personal session
$ 300
$ 1000/month